Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Growing Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds, Paper, and More! – Monday April 29 // 5pm – 8pm

@ All You Need, 3700 Toledano  — Lecture part indoors at 3704 Toledano

We’ll cover basic fungal biology before diving into cultivation basics. You’ll learn easy mushroom growing techniques like inoculating buckets with pasteurized straw, coffee grounds, and paper. Workshop led by special guest mushroom educator Leif Olson.

$35 registration and you bring home your own mushroom growing bag. 20 people max.

Check out IntegratedLandEnhancement.com for more of Leif’s work.

Integrating Mushrooms into Your Garden // Tuesday, April 30 // 5 PM – 8 PM

@All You Need, 3700 Toledano, Lecture part of workshop indoors at 3704 Toledano

Special guest speaker Leif Olson will cover different types of fungi and their ecological roles as they relate to soil and plant health, then explain and demonstrate techniques for incorporating fungi into garden beds, compost, and wood chip mushroom beds. These easy methods will improve your landscape health and productivity, and you can get mushrooms out of it. We’ll touch on other amazing possibilities – like using fungi to manage water – so come with questions and ideas!

$30 registration. 20 people max.

Check out IntegratedLandEnhancement.com for more of Leif’s work.

Creating Edible Ecosystems ~ Tuesday May 7th // 5:30-7pm 

@Grow On Urban Farms, 2358 Urquhart St.

You can produce your own food while nurturing the plants, soil, and animals in your garden. It’s a edible gardening part II class with some permaculture principles, biology/ecology, and lots of info of how to fertilize and keep pests off your plants without chemicals! We also have seed and compost available.

Intro to Permaculture – Saturday May 15th // 5:30pm – 7

@ Grow On Urban Farms, 2358 Urquhart St.

Permaculture is a way of designing living environments that is founded in the ethics of caring for people and the planet, and based in the observation of natural systems. We ask how we can provide for human needs in a way that regenerates ecosystems. In this workshop we will discuss how the principles of Permaculture relate to our lives, and what kind of strategies can emerge from these principles.

Backyard Farming – Wednesday May 22nd // 5:30pm – 7pm

@ Grow On Urban Farms, 2358 Urquhart St.

We’ll cover proper irrigation, what to plant (seeds vs starter plants) and where to get it, bed prep and placement, and more!

Everyone is welcome to tour Grow On and discuss all the herbs, veggies, and fruit trees growing there.

$20 for the workshop. Limit 20 people. As always, get in touch if cost is an issue.